Southern Foods Limited


Southern Foods Ltd., a 100% export-oriented fish processing industry, is registered under the Joint Stock Company Registrar as a “Private Limited Company.” The plant is incorporated in the year of 1992 and the company is well reputed for her good products throughout this long time span. Now this company is revitalized and equipped with latest technology as Spiral Freezer, Cooking Machine, Shrink Wrapping Machines besides Plate Freezers and Blast Freezers procured from the world famous machine producers. The company having its brands “IDEAL” & “KING” with current Bangladesh Approval no: KLN - 09 are well known to the foreign buyers, with FDA Code BK-49 with US FDA Registration No: 19132729088, Dt. Nov 20, 2003. The brand “KING” is developed newly. The company rewarded by Bronze Trophy in the year 1996-1997, Silver Trophy in the 1999-2000 and Bronze Trophy in 2000-2001 for it’s increasing role in the seafood exporting sector.

The factory is situated at a distance of 2 km from Khulna City beside the national highway. The second largest Port of Mongla is situated at a distance of only 30 km from the factory site, which is smoothly communicated directly by the national highway. The factory is situated within the “Heart of Shrimp culture zone” having a vast hinterland area of greater Khulna for raw materials supply. As a result of it, the plant receives raw fresh quality shrimp round the year.

SOUTHERN FOODS LTD. has been in the field of aquaculture and sourcing and delivery of Freshwater Prawn and Tiger Shrimp for over a decade. We have acquired expertise in culture techniques, processing and prompt delivery of material anywhere in the world.

We assure successful culture and highest quality of fresh and frozen Prawns and Shrimps in variety of sizes. With our special packing technology, fresh Prawns/Shrimps remain soft and juicy without loosing their own sweetness. 

Being the best is our goal. Operational Excellence is our business model to meet customer needs with top quality products and hassle free service. The expansion of distribution has always been coordinated with primary processing expansions to assure that our market base is guaranteed to meet growing customer demands with high quality products.

We can provide you with the best deals with:

*  Our knowledge of Bangladesh large Seafood network.

*  Sourcing from Registered farms.

*  Packaging at premium processing units.

*  Unmatched quality control standards.

* State of the art laboratory testing for microorganisms, antibiotics etc.

*  Customized packaging services (Buyers Brand, Label etc.)



*  Plate Freezer (Block) – 04 nos. 30 MT/Day

*  Spiral Freezer (IQF)   – 01 no. 15 MT/Day.

Cooking Machine – 01 no, 12 MT/Day.

Deep Tube well – 03 nos. 120000 liter/hr.

Water Supply with R/O & UV Treatment.

Flake Ice Machine – 2 nos. 30 MT/Day.

Manpower – 211, permanent.






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